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CAP Advisory

Process Improvement & Management

Process Improvement & Management

Pragmatic solutions to process improvement

The process improvement and management practice domain is focused on the pragmatic development and improvement of an organisation’s core and supporting processes.

Our Process Improvement engagements are supported by key techniques drawn from both Lean and Six Sigma. In accordance with the ethos of our business, we take a ‘fact-based’ approach to the identification, quantification and implementation of process improvement initiatives.

Our Process Improvement methods and approaches are supported by detailed industry knowledge and experience that allows our consultants to work with clients to target solutions that are tailored to their specific constraints and challenges.

The CAP Advisory Process Management offering allows us to work with our clients to help them better understand, monitor, control and improve the performance of their core and supporting processes in near ‘real-time’ – where required.

We understand that the delivery of process improvements can be made partly redundant if an organisation does not have the capabilities to monitor, manage and control the performance of their processes ‘in flight’. We work with our clients to help them understand and implement the management processes and techniques required to better manage the performance of their ‘in flight’ processes. Additionally, partnering with CAP Technology, we provide the required technology solutions needed to better manage these processes.

The tools and techniques most commonly used in process improvement & management are:

• Problem solving methodology, such as DRIVE
• Process mapping
• Process flowcharting
• Force field analysis
• Cause & effect diagrams
• Brainstorming
• Pareto analysis
• Statistical process control (SPC)
• Control charts
• Check sheets
• Bar charts
• Scatter diagrams
• Matrix analysis
• Dot plot or tally chart
• Histograms

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