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CAP Technology

Geo-enabling business

GIS Strategy and Execution

The Partners at CAP have deep experience in leading and operating Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) environments. The development and execution of a GIS strategy must focus on the right resourcing, technology and processes to leverage geographically aware information to drive organisational improvement, cost reduction, risk mitigation, process efficiency and value generation.

An Enterprise GIS must designed to enable the integration of business systems, process and corporate information with geo-enabled information, through supporting hardware and software, to enable administration, analysis and visualisation.

To efficiently respond to operational analysis and reporting requirements, geo-enabled business systems must be tightly integrated to your ERP, assets, customer and core business systems.

CAP’s geo-enabled business systems can provide powerful reports and dashboards for operational awareness and performance indicators (graphs, charts, and reports) for better decision making. A dashboard can provide a high-level overview and the current status of an operation or project. It could include web-service feeds (weather, incidents, disruptions, trends, etc.) but also could be connected to other information management or business systems. An effective geo-aware organisation should be able to understand, analyse and visualise the spatial relationships and patterns to make fact base decisions to help you reduce operating costs, understand your customers better, drive your business strategy, or operate your organisation more efficiently.

Spatial Preparedness

Every nation faces challenges that threaten its security including economic instability, domestic unrest, foreign threats, and exposure to disasters (natural, technological, or man-made). A need for a nation specific platform for securing the nation’s interests such as protecting against hostile neighbours, mitigating areas prone to disasters, securing natural resources and critical infrastructure, and preserving a way of life and cultural identity is required.

The Partners at CAP have been involved in the development of classified and unclassified world class capability to support Government and commercial organisations with:

  • Incident response and rapid recovery from catastrophic events
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Hazard assessment and planning
  • Security and sovereignty
  • Asset and data monitoring and administration
  • Situational awareness
  • Field operations monitoring and management
  • Customer service.

Without sophisticated data management, it is difficult to achieve and maintain accurate situational awareness. By leveraging innovative leading edge database technology CAP can architect, implement and support geo-enabled solutions that provide a secure platform for storage, access, analysis and reporting. These geo-enabled solutions provide the analytical engine to turn the raw data stream into actionable information. Comprehensive and effective analysis makes the development of plans and response much quicker, cost effective and logical. Once hazards, threats, risks, and critical infrastructure exposures and vulnerabilities are understood, plans can be prioritised to focus on specific needs.