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CAP Technology

Driving effective vendor engagements

Vendor Engagement & Software Selection

CAP has extensive experience in vendor engagement & software selection. This is coupled with demonstrated experience by successfully implementing technology enabled change, to improve business performance and realise agreed benefits. By leveraging our deep industry experience, the Partners at CAP have worked with the industry to help drive effective vendor engagements that are both commercially attractive and fit for purpose.

Our business advisory experience includes:

  • Reporting & Planning solution acquisition advice: provided guidance and input to a large electricity utility to help it successfully acquire and implement a Reporting and Planning solution to support the broader implementation of its Management Operating System (MOS)
  • Reporting and Planning solution selection, acquisition and implementation: led an initiative for a large mining organisation to select, acquire and successfully implement an enterprise-wide Reporting and Planning solution as part of its wider MOS implementation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution business case development, vendor selection and contract negotiations: led the development and sign-off of a Business Case for a multi-national retailer to obtain Board Approval for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.
  • Asset Management Solution Business Case development: Led the development of a strategy and supporting business case for a large integrated transport provider to gain Executive and Board approval for a new Asset Management Solution

Within our CAP Technology practice, we have:

  • Comprehensive and current knowledge of the technical and business advantages of contemporary reporting and planning systems
  • Awareness of ICT market trends and the leading vendors contribution or response to these trends
  • Ability to translate vendor research and development roadmaps into meaningful business intelligence and potential impacts for our clients
  • Deep understanding of software vendor commercial agreement constructs, terms and license conditions
  • Extensive network of vendor ecosystems (i.e. consulting partners, OEM suppliers, value-added resellers) to effectively advise on ‘hidden’ total cost of ownership costs relating to implementation and ongoing upgrades.