CAP Services


Organisational Development

Our Organisational Development practice works with our clients to help them change their staff and their organisation to ensure positive growth.

Our intellectual property is focused on the use of systematic approaches to improve organisational effectiveness. This includes working with our clients to understand how improvements in one part of their organisation will impact on another.

Our Organisational Development practice advises clients:

On the development and execution of their strategy

How to effectively implement change

The capability required from their people

The structure and efficiency of their processes

The design of their organisation

How to develop and improve their leaders.


Operational Excellence

Our Operational Excellence practice works with our clients to help them identify and meet their customer’s expectations through the continuous improvement of their operational processes and organisational culture.

Our practitioners have extensive experience implementing Management Systems and supporting Operational Disciplines.

Our Operational Excellence practice helps our clients:

Review and improve their management systems

Understand how efficiently their operations are delivering value to their customers

Design and implement new management systems

Identify and remove bottlenecks

Design and implement improvement initiatives to deliver agreed benefits


Commercial Mathematics

Our Commercial Mathematics practice works with our clients to solve complex organisational and operational problems using advanced mathematics and statistics techniques.

We also develop and implement statistical and mathematical based decision support technologies to help manage and improve their performance.

Our Commercial Mathematics practice helps our clients solve complex organisational issues, examples of these include:

Understanding capacity required in manufacturing or production facilities to meet planned customer demand

Identify and agree issues impacting asset performance

Understanding the impact on complex supply chains from proposed changes in operational routines, output, planning parameters, etc.

Applying statistical tests to large and disparate data sets to answer key organisational questions and / or provide required statistical analysis

Quantifying the impact potential changes in risk controls may have on key organisational outcomes

Building, implementing and supporting decision support solutions.