Oh god no, not another RASCI?

I am sure that some of you reading this will wince at the mention of a RASCI.  Like all management tools they are useful to a point.

To help you with your next RASCI, here are 3 tips that have served us well.

Tip 1: Definitions, they are your friend.

Apply a consistent set of definitions:

  1. Responsibility: the person / function / entity who has to do it, the “doer”
  2. Accountability: the person / function / entity who has ultimate ownership
  3. Support: the person / function / entity who provides support resources, usually a functional specialist
  4. Consult: the person / function / entity who must be consulted before a decision or action is taken
  5. Inform: the person / function / entity who must be informed that a decision or action has been taken.

Tip2: Joint accountability is not a thing.

Whilst for many of you this is a statement of the bleeding obvious, it can sometimes take a moment or two to understand who is ultimately accountable.  For us it is a simple question, ‘who is going to get the phone call if it all goes to hell in a handbag’?

Tip 3: It is a conceptual design tool, not an analytical model.

A RASCI is a key part of our organisational design process, we use it as a conceptual framework to understand:

  1. How work flows across an organisation / business unit?
  2. How efficiently or inefficiently this work is being executed, for example, does a process currently have a long list of parties / entities that need to be consulted?
  3. Where are the potential bottle necks, for example, is your CEO or General Manager ultimately accountable for signing off all travel requests?
  4. What is the potential span of control for different teams or roles?

Posted to Advisory on Tue 2 2018

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